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Terms of use

The member data provided through GEPIR is intended solely for the checking of customer and supplier data to ensure seamless movement of data and goods. It also covers the information requirements of public bodies and private persons. Any use of the data other than those stated here must be expressly approved by GS1 Switzerland.

GEPIR users undertake to refrain from passing on evaluations and member data sets (or individual units of data) to third parties, and from reproducing, transferring, overwriting, duplicating or copying data, or transferring it to other data carriers for purposes for which it is not intended. The data may not be used for commercial address evaluation or commercial disclosure.

GS1 Switzerland reserves the right to revoke a user’s access to the GEPIR network without notice if the user is found to have transferred member data to an unauthorised third party or to have used it for a purpose not expressly permitted by these terms of use. The user concerned shall be liable to GS1 Switzerland for any damage occurring through misuse.

The number of logins to the GEPIR network is limited to 30 per day and up to 20 results per login may be shown. A higher number and other services are covered under GEPIR Premium.

The service provided by GS1 Switzerland under GEPIR consists of the provision of company data from its own membership base and that of GS1 organisations affiliated to GEPIR. GS1 cannot be liable to GEPIR users for the accuracy or completeness of data supplied, nor can GS1 guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data supplied. GS1 shall not be liable for damage resulting from the failure of internet or telecommunication connections.