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GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) enables the look up for companies which are using the global GS1 Standards and identify their products with the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). The global GS1 Standards are used by over one million companies in over 100 countries worldwide. The company address as well as the details of the designated contact person are displayed.

Keys for the search are the GS1 identification numbers, for example die Global Location Number (GLN), the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) or the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).

YYou may as well search for company names. Just enter the company name in the search field. If you don’t know the company name in detail, you may type just the first few letters (at least 3).
If you would like to limit the search for company name further, you may use the function “limit search results” and choose “Search by name”. You may use more details as for example the name of the city to narrow the retrieved records.

No. The registration of company details (postal address, contact person) is included in the membership free of charge for the customers using the GS1 system. The registration is agreed by signing the membership application form.

You may request up to 30 records a day to test the GEPIR service free of charge. You may order your unlimited access to the GEPIR network for the professional usage of GEPIR at GS1 Switzerland. You will find the application form (prices included) right here: GEPIR Premium

Yes. GEPIR Premium customers may retrieve up to 500 records at once with the batch function, for example 500 GTIN. GEPIR Premium supports automated retrieval of records by XML based web services for frequent use.

The implementation of the web service is up to the customer, you will find the specification to access GEPIR 4.0 right here.

No. GEPIR is intend to deliver company addresses and contact details of member companies using the global GS1 Standards. You may enter a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and discover with the help of GEPIR which company has allocated this GTIN.

Yes. GEPIR uses responsive design to ensure the perfect display depending on the mobile device.

Companies which do not intend to publish their details on GEPIR may of course contradict the publication. GEPIR will display the address of the responsible GS1 Member Organisation in such cases.

The company address as well as contact details will not be displayed anymore over GEPIR after the cancelation of the membership contract has taken effect.